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These are a series of nine balances, each with a different focus. You can have one balance, or experience all of them over a period of time. The balances are AcuEnergetics Energy Liver Cleanse, Energy Lymph Drainage, Circulation of the Light, Sacral Balances, Belt Channel & Wind Gates, Chakra Balance, Thrusting Channels Balance, Reverse Sacral / Conception Vessel Balance and Pelvic Alignment Balance. The session takes place with the client fully clothed on a treatment table. For more detailed information on each of the balances, the specific issues they address and how they can help you, see this link to AcuEnergetics.

Group Retreats

Gathering together in sacred space

Group retreats are wonderful for nourishing your heart, mind and soul. Come together with others to share experiences, explore nature and enjoy delicious food and company. Group retreats are currently available on weekends (2 days, one night). See Workshop page for details of upcoming retreats.

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