"I am always amazed at how working with energy can make such a difference to my physical life -  whether it's how I feel, how my body functions or how my space flows"

sessions for your self

Life can be challenging and we all need support sometimes. Do you feel overwhelmed, unclear, uncomfortable or unhappy? Let me help you to get your energy flowing so you can feel calmer, clearer and happier.

Sessions are available in person, via Skype or as a distance healing

sessions for your body

Our bodies carry us through life and can become tired and stressed. Does your body feel heavy, weak or tense?Let me help you to get your energy flowing so you have more energy, enjoyment and ease in your body.

Sessions are available in person only 

sessions for your living spaces

The spaces that we live in can help us or hinder us in our lives. Do you feel stagnant, frustrated, unhappy or unfulfilled? Let me help you to get your energy flowing so you can enjoy your space and your life more fully.

Sessions are available in person or via Skype 




"What a perfect session I had with you today. I loved how effortlessly you facilitated painful and uncomfortable emotion to be transformed into realisation and learning. I feel so free! I entered the healing room feeling heavy and cloudy, and left feeling such relief and joy.Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. With love, Naomi."


Naomi Nonu-Carling

Coach, Channel, Therapist




"Since the birth of my baby, I have found tremendous and instant benefit from my sessions with Fliss. They calm me, and help my body to heal. I find that I feel much more balanced and able to manage more easily in my busy life after a session, and I look forward to the sessions every time. "


Poune Parsanejad

Director of Studio P Architecture,

Founder of North Shore Yoga




"I was truthfully amazed at the powerful fusion of Fliss' skill set that combines physical practicality of furniture placement and office layout for maximum workflow together with energy healing work to cleanse the space first, before discussing what the best solutions are. Now my physical and energetic worlds are aligned to bring about this new upgrade to my space! I hadn’t known this was even possible up until now."


Joanne Marks

Naturopath & Meditation Teacher

Find out more about the different modalities of energy healing that Fliss can offer to help you manage the flow of energy in your self, body and living spaces



AcuEnergetics Wellness Balances work with your energetic body to support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. These are a series of nine balances, each with a different focus. You can have one balance, or experience all of them over a period of time. The balances are AcuEnergetics Energy Liver Cleanse, Energy Lymph Drainage, Circulation of the Light, Sacral Balances, Belt Channel & Wind Gates, Chakra Balance, Thrusting Channels Balance, Reverse Sacral / Conception Vessel Balance and Pelvic Alignment Balance. The session takes place with the client fully clothed on a treatment table. For more detailed information on each of the balances, the specific issues they address and how they can help you, see this link to AcuEnergetics.




Aetheric Healing uses galactic astrology to reveal your soul's evolutionary purpose, gifts, growth opportunities and your divine feminine and masculine expression by locating the Galactic Centre, Sirius and Alcyone (Pleiades) on your personal natal chart. Using this information, Fliss then works with the corresponding energy centres in a beautiful, sacred healing session to support your soul's evolutionary purpose. Aetheric Healing can provide clarity, confirmation and comfort about why you chose to come to earth at this time, and support you in living your daily life with full knowledge of your divine blueprint. 




An Energy Healing session with Fliss is a gentle, sacred healing space. Connecting to and calling in your higher self and divine support, we work together to bring the energies of love, light, healing and wisdom to whatever aspect of your life needs them. The session takes place with the client fully clothed on a treatment table. It is interactive,  and will involve some talking, possibly guided visualisation and meditations, and energy work with hands on and off your body. Many times, clients feel that they are drifitng in and out of sleep, or in a meditative state. Some clients connect with guides, or experience images or messages. Some clients just relax into a deeply tranquil state. The gentle unfolding of the healing can continue for days and weeks after the session. It's pretty delicious.




Embodied Healing is a full bodied experience, using a varied combination of movement, music and meditation. Together we explore your embodied experience, accessing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Our physical bodied connect us through our energetic bodied to all of our human evolution. Movement, music and meditation can help us to access experiences through our embodied memory. The sessions take place with the client fully clothed, standing and moving in the room. They can help to ground you into your body and physical life, release congestions of energy with healing movement, experience your spiritual self through your physical expression, or just enjoy being free, dynamic, expressive and playful.




Environmental Healing works with the spaces you live and work in to support you in your life. Combining her practice of architecture, energy healing and embodiment, Fliss works to bring your space into alignment with your highest good.  Working with the physical design, spatial arrangement, and the energetic configuration of your space, Fliss can help you to improve the way you feel, work, sleep, interact and live in a space. She has helped people with problematic bedrooms, offices, healing spaces, and homes. She can help you with the practical functioning of your home to improve your living situation using what you already have, so it's perfect for rental and home owners. Fliss also offers new home blessings, and energetic maintenance of your environment. Whether it's practical or spiritual, Fliss is able to work at whatever level is needed for you to improve your experience of your space.


To find out about session structures, pricing and to book a session, contact Fliss on the button below or email fliss@flisswheeler.com