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3 types of Mana

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Are you giving yourself what you need for holistic wellbeing?

In this post, I'm sharing something that I learnt during a beautiful retreat* that I attended. It is a simple concept, but one which helped me to quickly realise how my life was out of balance and why I was feeling less than fulfilled.

In Hawaiian spirituality, Mana is energy / life force / vibrancy. There are 3 types of Mana that we receive from 3 different sources:

  1. Mana We receive this from good food, good water, nature and our connection with earth and her plants, animals and elements.

  2. Mana Mana We receive this from friendship, creativity and community - gathering together, expressing ourselves, sharing experiences.

  3. Mana Loa We receive this from our connection with the divine / spirit through devotion, meditation, channelling, ritual, silence.

All 3 types of Mana are required for us to feel balanced, nourished, fulfilled, healthy and supported. All 3 types of Mana are essential to life.

Just in receiving this information, I immediately could see where I was deficient in my life and why I was feeling disconnected, shut down and undernourished. And you? How are you receiving the 3 types of mana in your life? Are you nourishing yourself on all levels?

I really enjoyed the simplicity of this information because it helped me to remember some things that I had forgotten. The concept of Mana shifts activities like spending time enjoying yourself with friends and spending time in meditation from "optional extras if you have time" to absolute necessities for wellbeing.

I know that being at a workshop in a beautiful environment with a group of beautiful people, eating good food and learning ways to connect with spirit over the weekend helped me to replenish my Mana on all levels, and has pointed me towards a new way of approaching life.

* The beautiful retreat I attended was a Medicine Woman Retreat with Bastian Mcphee of HomeGrown who at the time was hosting retreats on an amazing farm near Kiama, NSW, Australia.