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Asking about Space

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

An extract on Space from upcoming book "Self Body Space"

This is an extract from a year long project called Self Body Space. Every month, I committed to asking higher guidance for help with being human, exploring three different aspects of experience - Self, Body and Space - one per week with one week break each month. I did the project as a personal discipline because I really felt like I could do with a little help. I have to say, some of the information that came through in response to my asking was gold - at least, I found it be both practical and poetic. I am currently in the process of transcribing all of the recordings to create a book - below is an example transcript of one session asking about SPACE.

To clarify, the words below are not "mine" - I would ask for highest guidance to flow through me, and record the session, and the words below are what came out of my mouth. I have not really edited the words, simply transcribed, so sometimes it is a little clunky. I am very grateful for the guidance that came through, and find something new in it every time I read or listen to it again. Hope you do too.

026_SPACE_August 2015

Hello. Thank you for inviting us to come and share with you again today. We are giving Felicity a sensation of the space that is behind her contained within the energy channel of the spinal cord, through the back of the head, through the back of the organs, through the back of the spine. We are drawing attention to this back body space today because it is a very grounding space. This is a space where the patterns and blueprints of your existence are held. Everything that has been before you is held in this space, your evolutionary path and the energetic blueprint that was created so that you might grow into it, is held in this back space. In this back space are your ancestors, in this back space is everything that has been before to facilitate this exact moment. It is not so much about connecting with the past, as feeling the present, fully supported by everything that has been to facilitate this moment. So you can be very present in the present when you rest into this back space, because what it allows you to do is just to feel how extraordinary and magnificent it is to be here with everything that has come together to facilitate you being here. And it is enough, when you can feel yourself connecting into this back space. Just being here is enough. Certainly there are things that you can do, but these are surplus to requirements. And so it is a very relaxing and grounding space to connect to, this back body space. It is very calming, very soothing. There is also a sense, when you are in this back body space, that the future is easy, that there is so much that has come together to facilitate the next moment and the next moment, that all you need to do is really ride the wave. You don’t have to push, or strive or force, you don’t have to run, or reach or struggle. Just enjoy feeling yourself in the present moment on the wave of all that has been before and you will find that you very easily move into your exact next moment. So the future is not something that you need worry about, or need push into. It’s just the logical, natural and easy unfolding of your next moment to moment to moment.

Body is where past and future meet. And so just feeling the space of past behind you and feeling the space of future in front of you, you can very happily relax just in the present moment by connecting into your body, and then feeling yourself within the body. There is such delicious, and exquisite, pleasure in being alive, and we would love for more of you to enjoy this experience. Just now, as you listen to us, if you are feeling rushed, or if you are feeling that you are needing to be finishing something or doing something or on your way somewhere, just open a portal of experience by feeling into your back body space. All that has been before, all that is supporting you, and then feel yourself grounded in the centre, and then feel the future in front of you, and know that you are doing everything that you need to do. But your power is here in this present moment to move into the future, so pulling yourself back from future projections by grounding into the back body, is a very helpful and easy way to bring yourself into the present. It almost acts as a counter action to future projection. If you feel yourself rushing, rushing, rushing, just come back into your back body space, because this is the space that knows. It doesn’t require thought, it doesn’t require input, it just is: your alive-ness, your being-ness, you’re here-ness. So it is a lovely counter energy to the instability of projecting into the future because there is no grounding when you do this.

If we can offer you another image, let the past or the back body space that we have been describing today be like a great big ocean wave that has pulled all of the water deep from the floor of the ocean up and formed itself into this wave that is travelling forward, so you can feel the depths and the energy that has gathered together to form this wave, and then you can just be surfing on the wave, or swimming, or body surfing in the wave. And the future is the air or the space into which that wave is moving. When you are surfing, you don’t feel like you are having to pull the wave, or be responsible for the wave travelling or breaking. You just allow it, and ride it, and have fun, and we would suggest to you that you can find this space more and more in your daily life, just with these images, just with this awareness. Ask any surfer when they feel most alive, and it is when they are on the crest of that wave. And you can have this feeling in your daily life moment to moment as often as you are able to connect to it. So it is with much love that we give thanks to you for opening space for us to come through again, and we give you much love until we connect again.